About Cityscape digital

As shown I had applied to originally work for city scape digital as part of my placement. Unfortunately They had already got students in over the time period I needed. They kindly offered me a place to join them at the end of June. I have worked previously for Cityscape a couple of years ago. Under the super vision of Peter Scott who I had a connection with through my cousin. As I had worked there before when re contacting they were happy to accomodate me and through text messages with Peter it seemed feasible. Unfortunately he was away for some time and I didn’t get official conformation until a bit later where they said they couldn’t help until the end of June, which delayed my application process. However I sorted something for the meantime and am looking forward to joining them in June.

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City scape digital is a company in London that  is a multi-disciplinary creative studio based in the heart of London’s Shoreditch. Since 2001 they have been setting the benchmark for CG production in the property industry. They describe themselves as’ IMAGE MAKERS, EXPERTS, SCIENTISTS & CRAFTSMEN’

This is their team

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Using their 3D London model and a range of analysis tools, they can assess the effect of a potential development in the local vicinity and from across the entire capital.

they can enable you to understand the implications of how much impact your development site might have, allowing you to establish a maximum parameter from which to design your scheme.

Services include:

Local Visibility Analysis
Viewing Corridor Analysis
London View Management Framework (LVMF)
Development Plane Analysis/Shadow Projection

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The scope of this work ranges from analysis of site and initial view studies through to what are known as Accurate Visual Representations (AVRs) or Verified Views. They supplement each AVR submission with a Verified View Methodology, explaining the processes of how they produce our visuals.

Services include:

Verified Views
Accurate Visual Representation
Illustrative Views
Environmental Statements
Townscape & Visual Impact Assessment

FILM & PHOTOGRAPHY (this is the section I hope to learn from the most)

They have an extensive library of high quality photography and HD aerial footage of London, which includes wider coverage of the city, specific areas (such as Canary Wharf, the City etc) and focused shots of specific landmarks and iconic features of the city (London Eye, London Bridge etc).

to view their aerial footage please follow the link:


Services include:

Aerial Photography
HD Aerial Stock Footage

This is a company that covers many fields within the creative industry and I am very exited to go ahead and learn from these.

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