Diary of day to day


Although each section has it’s own blog post in how and why I did what I did with more detailed explanations, I’ve created a diary of each days process with a brief outline in how I worked each day as part of my placement.

1- As Singapora opens at 5pm I started and went in at 5. I met the manager David and spoke to him about some of the things I could do for the business. He told me that he wanted initially photographs of the bar and drinks/cocktails to promote the bar. These images would be used to put on a screen in front of the bar facing outside to try and get people to come in. I mood boarded images in how I planned around taking them with a quick sketch to explain to him how I would use the bar lighting and accessories around the maximise the aesthetic.


After looking at images of typical commerical bar photography I got a few ideas on how I would create the images. Looking at artists such as Stephen Conroy. Conroy had taken commercial images for companies such as Heinz , Mcdonalds and Tesco.

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 1.06.26 PM

Things that I planned to focus on was using the bar as a background but blurring it out using a small appature, keeping the glass in front of lights so it reflects off, and creates a shine. Using propts related to the drinks such as lemons, limes, mint etc. I planned on using the bars natural light as it was lit well with LEDs but bring an in camera flash incase conditions where too dark. Using the canon 5d. After showing the mood boards and planned preparations I was good to go.

2- This was when I went in to take the images. I set up the bar polishing everything and cleaning up sides, moving any objects that where in the way. Cleaning glasses to maximise shine etc. I increased the lighting of LEDs and creating fake versions of the cocktails. I then followed my plan and put the cocktails on the main part of the bar so the bottles where in the background. With each cocktail I accessorised with matching fruit. For the Mojito I used mints and limes, and for the cosmopolitain I used umbrellas and limes. I didn’t need to use the on camera flash as with natural LED lighting it created a more contrasted bar atmosphere. After taking cocktail images I went around taking images of the bar, beers, bottles, seating lounge area. After these were all taken, I showed the manager and we decided what images I would take away to then edit.

3- Editing. After taking the images and carefully selecting what images would work best I worked at home to edit the images on photoshop. Sharpening them, lighting up areas of shadow, overall completing the photography process. I then went in later that day to show the manager the edited and completed selection of photographs, which he was happy with. These were then put on a USB stick to play as a slideshow on the front of the shop.

4. After creating these images I went back and the  owner said he wanted these on the website. We both looked at the website together which we found was very outdated and could be better. He then set me the challenge to use my design skills and create a whole new website for Singapora Lounge using the photographs I had taken. I looked through other established cocktail and restaurant websites to generate ideas on what elements I could include and how to make this as professional as possible. We wrote down key elements that needed to be included such as photography of bar, address, contact, opening times, restaurant menu, some selected drinks, prices, gallery.

These where inspirations for the basis of my design.


5. This is a continuation of creating the website. I used wix to create their new website looking back to their old one so all relevent information was carried across. Applying all the feilds that me and the owner discussed and using inspiration from other websites. This was then completed and shown to the owner which again he approved and liked. This was the final design

SINGAPORA LOUNGE WEBSITE REVAMP – detailed explanation of process.

6. After creating them as the design and theme of the bar had changed with the website. David wanted new promotional flyers to put at the bar and to hand out. We discussed what information he wanted on them, which was simplistic. The address, name times contact and images. I then used photoshop to include my photographs and the colour theme from the website. This was the flyer I had created.


I mood boarded and researched different bar flyers, which I found where again simplistic, the information included was to the point and relevent. Not too much. I also got the idea to include graphic llustrations used from my own images to add a creative aesthetic.

more detailed information on process ADVERTISEMENT FLYERS

7. Going back in the next we wanted to work more on promoting the bar. As singapora is a cocktail bar and gets new drinks in weekly we discussed getting a few blackboards to write on in the bar to make these promotions apparant and screw them into the wall. These would be situated across from the bar which would make a perfect space for everyone to see. I discussed with owner what information he wanted on the boards. This was cocktail menu, a new in board, showing what drinks we had, a promotional board with weekly deals and a board advertising the function room that people could hire. Sat with him I got all the right information needed for board such as cocktail ingrediants, prices etc. I then sketched up on paper different designs that I could draw on these boards.


I did two designs for each board which gave the owner a choice between the two as to what one he wanted. For inspiration on creating these I mood boarded pub boards to create a ‘bar’ atmosphere. Taking elements such as bold writing, shadowing, bright colours. We then choose what one we thought worked best and I pencilled up the designs on each 3 board. Again evaluating what I did we liked it and it was good to go.


8- Here I went back in to draw on the boards from the initial sketch up. I had brought a pack of black board paint pens as when researched they were the best to use- not chalk. I then spent the day drawing these up. Final designs

IMG_4279signsIMG_4280 2IMG_4278


9. A couple days after these were done the function room had been booked for a 20th birthday. As I had an interest in interior design and decor I asked if i could be in charge of decorating the function room, so it catered for the needs it was booked for. I went down to look at what it looked like. Originally it was empty as it hadn’t been used for a while and i sketched up a floor plan. I looked around the building for any propts and accessories I could use to decorate. I found sofas, blankets, a party light and table. I then sketched a design layout and researched into what youthful party rooms could look like. Widening my creative horizon. I showed David the sketch which he said he liked and to go ahead. FullSizeRender


10. As singapora doesn’t open till 5 the party was booked for 8. I went in with David at 12pm to set up downstairs and see how it looked. I moved the sofas in to place- this came out slightly differently to the planned design just because of fit and accessibility , I put blankets over them as decoration and set tables around for drinks, I brung with me coloured LEDs – blue and pink, which I was going to use for main lighting alongside the party light. I wrapped these around the beam and across the middle. setting up banners. It worked out well and the lighting luckily worked nicely so the main lights didn’t need to be on. It was light enough but still dim to create the atmosphere we discussed.

IMG_4276 (2)


Although unfortunately I couldn’t get my placement until June, I found this opportunity to help Singapora Lounge and work with them in store to photograph and help redesign. This was a really fun experience and taught me what it was like working for a company and discussing elements together whilst adding my own creative ideas. I completed 10 days work but this was spread over a couple days and some times I was away working on ideas and designs to then bring back in.

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