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As mentioned I created advertisement boards at Singapora. This included the basement function room. After the board there was then interest in hiring it out. As the basement hadn’t been hired in a while there it was a bit drabby downstairs and was just a plain empty room. Someone wanted to hire it for a birthday party for around 60 people. I took on the task to design and decorate downstairs. The place needed a total clean all around. I found sofas in one of the empty cupboards which I then spruced up and arranged round the room putting soft throw blankets on the top as well to make them nicer and comfy etc. I put tables around the room for food and drink etc with candles on the top which created more of an ambience. I then went out and found a party light which I placed in the corner of the room to illuminate around and create more of a party atmosphere. Setting up and wrapping LED lights around the room with different colours to again create a warm atmosphere. Putting up banners etc. I made sure there was room in the middle for a dance floor and set up audio equipment – speakers etc. but still enough chairs sofa’s for social space. Overall a really nice atmosphere was created and was highly recommended after.

Layout and Lighting Plan,



There is a prominent middle beam across the middle of the room, I thought this would be a great place to hang LED lights, as i had already gathered a party light situated in the right had far corner this was being used to light up the room. The only other option for lighting was the main lights in the basement but this created a situation too bright and wasn’t much of a party atmosphere. I then brought a few fairly lights that were multicoloured to match the party light. It made the room more vibrant and as this was for a 20th birthday it also looked young and modern. The use of pink and blue LED lights mixed with the lights illuminated from the main light source which was the party light that was on a stand opening to the whole room. As there would be drinking there I included a few tables. The dance floor in the middle as seen on diagram shows the main part of the room which all the main lights were situated near. I planned to have a few chairs and sofas around the outside to provide comfort but situated so they don’t take up too much room.

Lighting Inspiration and room layout

Before setting up from previous knowledge and exploring different basement set ups and function rooms on pinterest I came across these images from function rooms and basements around London, in particular Shoreditch.

In creating a youthful party vibe, from these images you can clearly see theres a lot of bright neon LED lighting, rather than bright main/ uplight. They’re typically dark which is something I wanted to take from this but make it colourful. Obviously working with small LEDs they didn’t light up the room as much as the reference images but is something I could look at creating another time. With the time and money It would be better to create this kind of situation.

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