Evaluation & Presentation


For this briefing we were told to produce photographic work that helps promote Canterbury School of Architecture ( CSA ) that can represent and display their learning ethos of the school, their learning environment and Architecture. The brief was quiet open in regards to what we produced for the client. I decided I wanted to create a piece of work that would attract a different audience typically and wanted to create a fashion shoot that emphasised the relationship between fashion and architecture as well as representing the school. The architecture around the school and learning environment was very nice to work with it was modernised and featured a lot of structural designs that could engage students in their learning environment such as the big windows and sky windows that allow light to flow through the space. I found when exploring around the school there was a lot of symmetry and geometrical designs due to the urban designs. When choosing styling I wanted to produce a professional environment but also in with the trends. As fashion and architecture both share design elements I looked for clothing that had asymmetrical designs, linear patterns, structured fit and exaggerated shape. I felt this would help them work well in partnership on the imagery making them stronger and more dynamic without loosing the focus of architecture. I felt that the styling worked really well with the different building structures. I also feel like the model poses where strong in relation to the architecture around her. From this briefing I want to produce a B5 promotional short magazine, consisting of fashion shots mixed with just architectural shots of pattern and line which matched with the image its paired with. This could be used as a tool out around at UCA open days, not just for architecture but also crossing the creative field in photography and fashion with collaborators from other UCA campuses. The sizing of the booklet is so that it’s comfortable in the hand and more appealing to pick up if it’s a slightly smaller booklet it’s not intimidating to pick up and can take away. I accompanied this booklet with 3 A2 prints. I choose the strongest images that exaggerate and enhance the architecture in relation to the model, looking the model posing in coherence with lines and colour tones between the fashion and surroundings. These work well being a large size as the architectural sizing was large. If both was used from the client ideally the prints would be on display, with the large sizing you are drawn to them and then when people see the small magazine after initially seeing a few images hopefully it will draw them into picking it up and either taking it or having a look through. In the magazine there is both CSA and UCA and uca photography rochester’s logo on the inside reiterating the promotional side, inside there is also a quote from the previous head of architecture at CSA where she talks about the environment surrounding the students etc this is also there to help promote and also help the context and aesthetics combine. 

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