Initial ideas and moodboard

In ‘STORY TELLING’ I want to create a documentary story book looking into the transition of adulthood, exploring young adults and their lives. I want to create a personal and relatable body of work about intimate moments of the way young adults live and cope moving away for the first time. Examining different aspects such as stresses (money, working, studying etc), social interaction ( friendships , loneliness). It can be quite personal to my life and surroundings showing the move to university and the different step in life. Creating this visual story book I want it to have a diary like essence, also as the nature is very raw I’m thinking of shooting on film. My main focus will be looking at the conflict between freedom and responsibility. I want to experiment with colour photography.

Below is a collection of some Images by various photographers that have inspired me and things that I want to take forward in my own work.

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