Installation ideas




After creating a film on dream and memory from the subconscious I was initially interested in presenting my film through a projector creating a small space for people to enter and be submersed into the environment. I wanted to create a box and have my film projected on the three inside walls so that when you enter it it almost take you to a euphoric place and you are captured by the moving imagery that your stood inside. Above shows a sketch of an opened box and how I would like my projection to be shown.

After researching Pipilrotti Rist and her installations of moving image I loved the way she presented her work. It creates and environment of tranquility and involves all the senses. I’m almost interested in seeing what it would look like just projected at a large scale on the corner of the wall, I want to include a submersive environment and look at placing lights and pillows and throws around so you can walk around my space and be involved in the video, including more than one sense like touch and sight and sound.

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