Nan Goldin research

Nan Goldin is an american photographer known for her personal and candid portraiture. Her images acted as a visual autobiography documenting herself and her friends, especially the LGBTQ community. She uses her snap shot style during intimate moments from in the bedroom to in a club or bar.

Ballad of sexual dependency (1980-1986) is a slideshow of image containing music that shows her life in order within the subculture of New York in the 1980’s with intentions to be seen in an Installation. It was then made into a photo book in 1986. This includes drug use, violence, aggressive couples and autobiographical moments. She describes this project as a ‘diary she lets people read’. These photographs show a transition through Goldin’s travels and her life. Her images are described as a way to learn the stories and intimate details of those closest to her. In regards to my own project the idea that these images are viewed like a private journal made public is something I want to create in my own photo book. Here a narrative is made up of distinct movements

Her first show in 1973 was based on her photographic journeys among Bostons gay and transsexual communities. She then began documenting the post punk scene in New York. The main themes of her early pictures are love, gender, domesticity and sexuality. Her images are usually taken with available light and flash often using saturated colours.

What makes her work exiting is that Goldin fully emerges herself inside the worlds she captures within her frame, this provides the most honest depictions out of her chosen subjects.

With my idea exploring and documenting the transition into adulthood I want to create a visual diary showing a narrative but looking at everyday activities and people. Similar to Goldin’s work I want to keep the images very Raw and natural, I want to create the images of intimate and personal moments. Goldin lives the life of her subjects, portraying herself. Withing my own project I’m exploring the transition into adulthood which looks at the ideas of first moving away from home etc which is something personal including myself.

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