Video practice

After creating the panoramic images, I wanted to see in premier if I could create a rotating movie where the images would scroll past but almost create a narrative of what you could dream off linking in the works by Sam Taylor-Johnson and movement from Sasson’s UMBRA installation.

As previously researched not all dreams make sense they can almost be a jumble of images and memories placed together, sometimes in random order, to create something new. I want a very mystical and surreal atmosphere throughout I feel with the slow scroll this creates that and the actual images themselves work well in presenting a ‘dreamy’ sequence. In premier I used the panoramic images and with a time frame moved them across the same so it scrolled slowly, then creating a new layer I overlaid the photogram panoramas and again created time frames so they scrolled across but blended in with the images, with this layer I timed the motion slightly faster, I feel this worked as it creates a surreal visioning linking the aesthetic compound alongside the concept.

From here I feel the video might be a bit too slow, I want to connect all the panoramic images together and create a fuller video mixed with more surreal effects. I really like creating a moving image from the photographs as with the whole concept being dreams and memory you can feel more of a narrative and a flow from moving image than stills.

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