Panoramic Images




After looking at the work by Sam Taylor-Johnson I was interested in exploring ways I could present my images combining together separate images to try and create a narrative of a dream showing how separate memories form in the subconscious.

After looking at Sam’s work I started to see if I could create panoramic images, obviously I knew the images wouldn’t match up to create one flowing scene but I wanted to see if I could create a sliding movie of the panoramic so the images would move past, this would take the theme from Viviane Sasson’s installation UMBRA (researched later on). In photoshop I created a canvas sized 15cm by 5cm and layered the images I had on the page next to each other. There were different subsections of images , like the ones of the circus and the ones I had from a previous archive I mixed them all amongst each other so they represent fragmented memories and all work together rather then sections all together. This also creates a sense of familiarity later on when you see a similar theme later on which is something you get in dreams.

I tried to connect the images as best as I could on matching colours on the connecting sides on photoshop I faded the lines so they looked more connected. I found some of the individual images faded better than others in some you can see where one image ends and another starts ,but when put in a sliding movie could still work out.

In the images I wanted to create a more psychedelic notion including swirls of colour almost like the photograms I made and altered. I created panoramic images from these photograms so that when creating a moving image I had the idea of over laying these around the subjects. This would also add an uniformity between the images as some of the original colorings make some images not fit in as well.



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