Preliminary Video

From creating the first video, I wanted to add all the panoramic images in a sequence that would show the process of the mind and imagery but also be more visually exiting and have more happening.

Again when placing the panoramic images in premiere I created time frames to have them moving across , like a story. Then adding a new layer and lightening it I had the colour photograms also scroll pass. Again like the previous video they were at different paces.

Having the imagery over the top I darkened this layer so you didn’t see the lines merging and this then blended the two layers in together.

I wanted a soundtrack to fit in with the video so when watching you almost feel absorbed into whats happening, this then helped me edit the flow of the video and to every beat I wanted to cooperate that with the moving imagery. I added dips in between each different panoramic where it faded into black and back out. This was an effect I liked as it almost seemed like as a viewer you were ‘drifting off’.  After researching on dreams previous I wanted to present some qualities to create a stronger narrative, when reminiscing on a dream the next day or even a while after you have blanks and moments you don’t remember these dips to black represents that.

In regards to the song, I choose this initially as the sounds of the beginning were very soft and subtle, it seemed to almost make me feel dreamy and light. The pace then changes later in the song which feels quite surreal and changes up. Again when having dreams sometimes the pace then can almost change, for instance in a ‘running’ dream they’re unpredictable, some things are smooth and then the pace can change. When the music changes I thought it would look good to have flashes of images and colour. This here then makes the video more visually interesting as you’re used to seeing slow images drag past then wth the flashes it makes it more ambiguous. Its not quite clear whats being presented but as they are all images that are included in the video previously or after, you feel like you know what they are, looking at the theme of familiarity which is a sense you get with dreams ; as researched dreams are memories that have happen before that your subconscious then fluctuates.

I think the overall the theme of the video works well in creating an atmosphere thats surreal and dreamlike. As the individual images are merged together connects are made between them which is like a sequence of dreams. I would like to create more effects that seem surreal and more elements that make its obvious the imagery is moments from memories. I also think that the sound may need to be altered as the lyrics are quite distracting.

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