for my individual project I Wanted to take forward the stimuli ‘identity’

In my previous project I wanted to address the question as to what someone’s identity was. Is it who they are in their private states stripped back and natural, or is it who they are when they present themselves in public, when they choose how to dress in regards to makeup and clothing. This lead me on to think about how we characterise our identities through aesthetics and how easily it can be manipulated so how does this reflect who we are.

Previously I feel I focused my project more on exploring the private side of people’s identities looking at the work by Thomas Dozol, when reassessing my project and looking at how I could take it further I decided on exploring public identity and the characterisation.

I decided to question how you identify someone.Identity is sometimes seen as a collective quantity of traits to make a person however I noticed previously so many people dress differently it’s easy to alter appearance.

With influences from Cindy Sherman and Samuel Fosso I used one model and dressed her to portray different identities. When looking at these characters I wanted the audience to gather their own personas on the characters I hoped for each one it would be  different just based on appearance , even though it’s the same person.

I enjoyed creating these different characters just through aesthetics. If I was to take this further I would like to look at more identities rather than three. also I feel the locations of some of the shoots could of been better to work in cognition with the identity however at the time I wanted the portraits to be the main focus.

I feel my decision to print my exhibition prints a2 looked really nice blown up big especially with the identity I choose the colours where very eye catching and bold. I choose to use the same character as the images looked raw and worked well as a pair almost looking natural, it’s only when you look at the zine aswell the concept of changing identity becomes apparent

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