Beyond photography is looking at expanding the practice and skill sets by intersecting photography and other medias; experimenting with different combinations of media to enrich the content and possible context of work. It explores where photography ends and other media starts. Photography isn’t alone, it’s been influenced and has also influenced other media and art forms, this is what we will be exploring over the next couple of months covering 3 sections.

The 3 sections inside beyond photography include;

  1. Surface
  2. Time
  3. Archive\document

Inside these we have to produce a visual project, reflective research and a contextual essay.


This subsection looks at the interaction of other mediums alongside photography; how you can produce photographs and manipulate them, looking at all interactions with images. Inside this we will be exploring;

  • Textiles – silkscreening, cyanotype, liquid light, sewing on photos, photograms.

Works by artists such as Walead Beshty ,who looks at colour photograms, and Mana Morimoto ,who creates work by sewing onto found photography, will be artist influences explored further in this section.


This subsection includes looking at movement in photography and the interaction of film and moving imagery and this connection to photography. Also including the changes in time. Again workshops we will be exploring within this section include;

  • Time lapse
  • story boarding narratives
  • shooting and editing video


Workshops inside archive and documentations include;

  • large format shooting and printing
  • research into photo archives
  • appropriation

This can include looking at how you archive work and also finding/looking into old family archive photos to either create something new or look at ways to expand them. It also includes looking into old mediums of creating photographs like large format analog.

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