Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 11.56.28Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 11.55.13Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 11.55.23Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 11.55.42Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 11.55.54Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 11.56.04Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 11.56.14

Based on the template I created for my mock zine I added the passport photos taken previously. I feel these worked really well in relation to the pages of each character and it adds to the mockery of them being real identities.

For my 2 exhibition prints I decided to use two from the same identity, the images I choose where the two that I put in relation to each other a double sprees in my zone. I feel the close cropped image of her face together with the wider taken image full size works well as parter images. I feel the images of the ‘chav’ where the strongest of all characters and I liked how vibrant the colours where which I felt would print nicely in a2






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