Plan of shoot

After finding some locations I started thinking about styling and how I was going to have the model in relation to the building.

In regards to styling I was focusing on clothes that were current and sleek. Asemtrical designs, exaggerated shapes, patterns, geometrical contrast etc. I started to mood board what styles were put at the moment.

stylin 1styling2styling3

These some ideas I started with. I wanted the colours to look right with light and shadowing so I felt  black and white with some navy and grey would fit in well. I felt the structural design of the blazers fit in well and could work with the sharp geometrical building structures. Frills and wide sleeves and legs would also work well in exaggerating the models body shape and also work in coherence. I also felt belts would work well in changing body imagery. All these fashion design elements fit in with architectural design elements so working together they should create a stronger image.


I want the models hair to be sleek like the styling and professional but also sharp. Straightened and left down would work well wth some of the looks and i also think of a sleek tight pony tail. This way the over all aesthetic is continuous and not to distracting from the building or fashion but still modern.


Again I want this to be quite minimal but work in coherence with the vibe. Strong contour on the cheeks will make her face look sharp like the aesthetic around the model which will work well, cohering with contrasting aesthetic. For the rest of the face I would like a slight silver/grey shadowing around the eye but nothing too strong just subtly to add shadowing but class.

Over all aesthetic

  • dramatic
  • focusing on composition – linear/curvature
  • high contrast ( possible black and white)
  • lots of light and shadowing
  • low angled – emphasis on height and posing
  • match up some individual shots of architecture





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