Location test shoot

buildincsheetbuildingcontactsheet 2

After coming up with my initial idea and exploring how photographers have already merged fashion and architecture I went around CSA and took some images that I thought would well as location shots to put the model in. I planned to then sketch up some examples of shots, locations, posing and light direction etc. I choose these locations as I felt that the lines and geometry would work strong with my idea. I found that there was a lot of detailed architecture around the uni and some interesting designs. The locations worked really well as light traps and around midday when the sun was its brightest the shadows created worked in response to the structured architect.



After researching the editorial work by Mario Sorrenti and Marco Flammini, I enjoyed the contrasted black and white, I feel that it gave the aesthetic a more sophisticated and modernist appearance. I then edited some of the building shots to see if the effect was the same. The images here look very clean and crisp and almost bring more attention to the detailing.

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