Statement of Intent

I plan to take a series of photos connected to my project ‘Identity’. Previously I wanted to explore the question of what someone’s identity was. Was it how they portrayed themselves in public in regards to aesthetics (make-up, clothing etc.) or how they are when no one’s around i.e. stripped back bare and in their natural states. Originally I took photos with my subjects having two sides; one showing them in their natural states inspired from Thomas Dozols ‘I’ll be your mirror’ series and the second photo how they would portray themselves in public, showing the contrast between the two.

To take this further I want to take forward the question as to what someone’s identity is? How can we base identity on appearance when it can be changed so often? As I found previously there are so many different varieties in genres of appearance within teenagers, as they were my subject matter.

Inspired from previous works such as Samuel Fosso and Cindy Sherman I want to show these different characteristics in people shown through putting multiple stereotype personas on one model. Via costume and make-up you can completely change someone’s appearance and characteristics so how would an identity be apparent when they are all the same person?

I plan on using the same subject but in 3 different costumes, making them seem like different people. Continuing from my first project I want to take them as portraits focusing on their physical elements but I also want to look at taking portraits on each character laid out in passport style photographs.

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