Final Video


This is the final production of my video. I kept the movement of scrolling panoramic images and the design of over laying other scrolling panoramic images, adding texture and a more dreamlike fluidity. I used the new panoramic images I made where the lines joining them weren’t obvious, I feel like this worked really well in creating an atmosphere of conjoined memories as one dream.

In regards to the soundtrack I changed it to one without lyrics. I liked the song before as it created a slow surreal atmosphere but I felt the lyrics where to distracting and didn’t fit in as well as I wanted. I then found a slow tempo tune that just had a beat to it. I much prefer this backing as it doesn’t take any elements away from the imagery, instead I feel it almost entices the audience to concentrate on what they can see but still including the sense of hearing. It again is a calming track that can imitate a sense of relaxation but also enticement. With the idea of memories conjoining creating this new dream sequence I wanted to include other senses as well as sight. By doing this I experimented with adding voice overs in certain parts. The beginning starts the recording off with a pre existing recording of a sleep relation technique, I think this worked quite well and almost brought slight humor to my concept. This also tied in the overall theme of my video. In post production I altered the voice so it wasn’t as clean and crisp which again worked better especially with the images themselves being destructed. Other audio clips I included throughout was sounds of old film talk overs, this was as this voicing would mean nothing being played back but as explained in ‘dreams’ things that may seem unnoticed or not relevant come forward. There was also slight sounds of fireworks and circus music. I edited these audio clips so they were faint in the background and almost faded in to your subconscious, hearing them in relation to the imagery.

After watching videos such as moth light and untitled movie 1999 I really wanted to enforce the aesthetics of destruction and make the video not as neat. During post production I decided to edit the video to create a more destroying film effect working in correlation to the images i can hand created. There were effects where the screen would flicker and feel , I then softened that layer so it blended in with the images and looked like it was that film that was being destructed. I also added multiple layers of flashing colour to show ‘light leaks’ within the video, aiding this concept with the visuals again.

As stated in my research I wanted to add a section of flickering images and flashing colours as previously seen. I liked this as it broke the video up a bit I felt and added a sense of pace, in dreams they can go slowly or then speed up without our control. This was done by adding a strobe light effect overlaid and shortening the clips so they quickly flashed and layered into each other.

The film comes to an end as the film ‘burns out’ this again is a post production effect looking like the memory fades away and wraps the video up. I think this works really well it relation to the actual images behind being made from burning negatives. I want my film to be played on a loop as it’s quite short.

I wanted my video to portray a dream that incorporates faded and destroyed memories that conjoin together. It’s all about the senses and how they work in relation to memory and how these are then replayed in our head. From researching other videos and artists work I wanted to portray a psychedelic atmosphere entrancing the viewers in colour and pattern.

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