Test Shoot 2

I took these photos in a room that is plain with a long stretch of windows for light and white walls, I choose this room as a response to the work by Tadoo Ando his work was very simplistic and focused on the experience of light.

These are the images I took without the coloured filter and just focused on the white light.

I used the Hassleblad H3 with a 80mm lens

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I the set up the room similar to my first practice shoot with coloured gels. To do this I set up the coloured gels tapped to the window almost like a stained glass effect as previously mentioned, I then set up the flash outside so again it would produce a line of colour mixed in with the natural light.

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With the gels set up the images didn’t quite work out as well as the first test shoot and didn’t produce a ray of light instead the colours light up the whole room. However I quite liked the effect of this  and the ambience it created

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Through experimentation on Photoshop I looked at creating my own lines of light and on top if the images I created a layer and painted softly different patches of colour over where the natural sunlight hit the walls. I then lightened this layer so it merged into the original images. I created soft images where the colours aren’t too noticeable but almost have a colour haze over them. I quite like how these came out and brings more character to the light.

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