Mood boards, Mind maps, initial ideas and brief proposal.


This is a mind map I first created exploring different ideas and looking into the marriage between the two.


I started by key wording architectural photography that features; shape, form and geometry. This was to get a better idea on how they have been photographed and visually what I was after. I created a mood board of the images above. What I like about these images is the sharp dynamic lines, the shadows that bring out the design more and the shapes that intertwine with each other. These elements create more dynamic image that draws the audience to focus on the beauty of architecture and portrays the thought put in designing these building so that they are visually appealing and also structurally balanced. These shapes and designs are elements that I will be focusing on around CSA.



This is a second mood board I created after focusing on the architecture side of visuals. I found when looking at fashion architectural images, the structure of the human shape and the styling really emphasised the shape and form of the buildings. I like the awkward and strong posing of he models which again works well all together. I want to take forward in my own work the contrasting shapes and lines, making the images more dynamic. Matching the  lines and design of clothing and model to the architect, e.g curves and straightness. The contrast in light and shadow emphasises the building types. I also found with the photography the low angles elongate both the model and building which makes the over all image more sharp and dynamic, a feature I want to include in my own work.

Brief Proposal

My initial idea is to explore and enhance the marriage between architecture and fashion  and how they can both express an awareness of life and culture. Showing how the space of architecture can emphasise and create a more dynamic fashion representations. Matching the light, material and form of architecture with fashion language and poses. In regards to CSA and architecture, how the urban design of the school matches modern standards similar to fashion; complimenting each other. Focusing on the schools architecture details and design purposes technically to enhance an awareness of life for their students. In regards to styling in comparison to the school I wanted the style to be professional but in the modern environment ( just like the school ). Showing asymmetric design and exaggerated shape, creating a sleek but sharp atmosphere. I want to match these designs in the fashion to lines and shadows around the building so they work in coherence and compliment each other and also to the model poses. And the end I hope to produce a short magazine that promotes the school in a modern eye catching fashion, this can be used as a promotional tool for open days etc where people can pick up and take away. Having architecture with fashion also furthers the creativity behind the ethos of a creative school and can almost link in other subject areas around UCA.

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