Jon Gorrigan artist research


What intrigued me about Jon Gorrigon’s work is his use of interior architecture with fashion. His settings are very linear and interesting. The shapes and designs of the geometry surrounding the model creates a busy atmosphere that surrounds the subjects framing them. Unlike the other references I looked at that had monochrome work his use of subtle and muted tones work really nicely with the colouring of the architecture; it also works really nicely with the colour of the styling. together they both compliment and work well with each other making an image more comfortable on the eyes. I love the use of light refraction from windows that fall on the floor and across the model it highlights them but also puts geometrical shapes through the image, I feel it also adds a depth to the image that supports the notion of thirds.

The positioning of the models is perfect in relation to the architectural design and the lighting. The mood that’s created through these techniques is very calming and sublime  in the last image where the model is stood facing an open window the light that highlights her almost makes the image seem euphorically.

The context of emphasising architecture in relation to fashion here is obvious and the two compliment each other. This is something that again I want to create.

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