Architecture client briefing & initial research.

For this unit we were given the oppurtunity to work as in house students at the UCA Canterbury school of architecture with the client Gabo Stark. This was the briefing we was given;

‘The client wishes to commission photography or other artefacts that document and/or respond creatively to the teaching and learning environment and/or that captures the narrative of the different subject areas. The school is also very interested in the inter disciplinary exchanges between subject areas of Photography and Architecture. Consider how your creative visual approach can imbue the ethos of the School of Architecture that raises awareness of the subject areas as centres of excellence to its target audiences. The client is open a variety of outputs.’

My initial thought was to engage non- traditional audiences for architecture in a way to promote and excite viewers. I wanted to show the architecture beyond the studio and the environment the students and teachers where in, putting architecture in the real world. The architecture of the building plays in impact on influencing architecture students as well as design elements that are purposely implemented to enhance the learning environment.

After the briefing I went round the school exploring the environment the students were submersed in and the architectural details. What stood out to me the most was the patterns all around the school, there was so much detail and thought put into the symmetry and lines and design around, the shapes around where hard to miss. What I also liked was the modern design and the big windows and the layout structure that allowed light to flow through the buildings which made a more calming and bright space, this obviously has a positive impact on the attitude of students and effects attitudes and feelings which is important in a learning environment.

I started to lean towards the idea of exploring the marriage between architecture and fashion. A designer “creates designs that are attractive and functional and uniquely suited to the human needs.” In architecture and fashion industries “both forms are three dimensional and contain space; both are structured; both are related to fine arts and visual”. I thought this relationship between them would be a great way to show case both to attract traditional audiences.

Exploring the relationship between fashion and architecture

I want to look at the correlations made between key factors such as ; colour, volume, texture, scale, geometry and orientation.

The Architect Hani Rashid said ‘structure pattern for space the way you structure pattern for the body’

Thinking about geometry it falls into both areas of design, fashion and architecture. This is shown through complex shapes and lines. Complex interior spaces are formed from these concepts especially found walking around CSA and the same relates to fashion. I find they work well corresponding with each other in imagery , making these elements more prominent.

One example is Meejin Yoon’s ‘Mobius Dress’ of 2005. Yoon is an architect and designer. Her dress is structured only by the body, the dress twists and turns to form a continuously evolving surface as it intertwines to form a changing surface in relation to the body. Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 12.23.17

This design shows the complexity of geometry. Here the complication of the geometry within its structure can be seen similar to the Max Reinharat Haus Building in Berlin by Eisenman Architects. Where again the complex geometry is plain to see.


Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 12.23.21.png

In my visual work I want to match the styling with the geometry and styling of the architect in CSA to bring each other more to stand out and compliment each other visually

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