1st shoot & Styling practice


After finding locations around UCA Canterbury that looked visually appealing , and doing some sketches that I thought would work well with ideas I had for model positioning, I had somewhat of an idea where I was going and how I was having the model. We started shooting at around 2pm so the sun was out but at a lower angle than at 12pm, this helped emphasise shadows around the buildings but wasn’t to bright to wash things out.

This was just a test shoot to explore how the model and Architecture would work together and test out the styling and what locations to match with them. I felt this went really well, I tried to use techniques that I had liked in artist research and mood boarding such as low angles, some dynamic posing, matching structural geometry with body and styling and looking for patterns.

To further the imagery and emphasise the architect, I matched the clothing as well as I could, either to the surrounding textures or colours or patterns. For example the black and white asymmetric dress with the white and black stairs. This location also worked really well with light and shadow as it was front facing on the outside of the building which caught the sun well. The grey outfit with wide legs helped emphasise body shape and flow, it had a slight structural design covered in linear checks this matched well to one if the decorative grey ceilings, covered in pipes and lines. The white and burgundy outfit worked well in the staircase of UCA that had big open windows allowing a bright atmosphere but with design of the stairs created shadowing also emphasising shape. The contrast between colour and white worked well with the light coming through in the atmosphere. The black highly structured dress worked well in the white bright corner room and the shapes included in that room and the black looks highly contrasted against each other.

I like the neutral tones throughout the photographs that I think work well cause they all look bright and fresh which works in relationship with the feel of the building and the design reasons behind it. I thought that I would have the images black and white to emphasise the contrast and urban design, however I think the slight colour isn’t over powering and also looks modern. However I will test them in black and white to compare.

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