Reflective Journal

summarizing in one document my reflection on this unit and what I have produced.

I have found this unit very helpful in learning and understand what it’s like to work professionally. Working with Singapora lounge has widened my horizon to commercial photography. I have never taken commercial photographs for a business before. As mentioned I over came this by researching and prepping myself of established bar photographers, analyzing their work. For example when looking at Brent Herrig’s work. I noticed key elements that were standardized throughout, these I then took forward to help create professional images. It was something I enjoyed especially when the outcome was used for the business. After this I now feel more comfortable to offer my skills to more companies and apply for anything that appears. It’s something that I’ve briefly thought about for the future but after experiencing it I would love to continue this line of work. When making my website I noticed that I didn’t have a specific style of photography, at the moment I enjoy trying out different fields. Looking at portraits, commercial, and fine art photography. I feel like this has helped build my professional profile dipping my toes into different fields as can show flexibility, but this is something I will narrow down.

What I’ve learned from this and If I come across any difficulties that I don’t feel comfortable with, is mood boarding and researching other artists is key to generate and spur ideas. I tend to go through a process of mind mapping and mentally visioning what I want when giving a task and then create mood boards and research on what is similar out there, this then helps me generate the best outcome and I feel more comfortable with production.

My professional profile has now grown as I have now created a website, Creative CV, business cards and online photography accounts.

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