As part of photographic futures, we were set the task to build ourselves as photographers for the industry, creative CVs, websites, self promotion etc. We were also set to undertake a placement lasting 2 weeks which would help us understand the professional industry.

As mentioned throughout my blog I couldn’t receive a placement in time, However I do have a placement set up for June. In the meantime I have been working with Singapora Lounge to help promote them as a business. Jobs included; taking photographs, re designing website, creating flyers, promotional art, interior decoration. This took place over 10 days. I really enjoyed doing this as it taught me what it was like working for a company, working with creative initiative but still in corporation for what the business want. What I enjoyed about this is that there was a lot of freedom for me I discussed initial ideas, went away mood boarded and planned preparations went back to show the owner then got on with the task. It was exiting creating work for someone else to then show them and them being happy with what I’ve created and it being used for a professional business.

It gave me an insight as to the future and prepared me for working with clients in whatever field I do. What I also learned from this was the commercial side of photography. I haven’t taken photographs for a business commercially before and been commissioned.  When given tasks I would look at professional work and use them elements in the work I produced. It’s helped me build my own portfolio as well as learning whilst working.

By creating CV’s and websites and business cards to help self promotion it’s help me create a basis in building my profile as a photographer. I now have myself on the internet as a professional with easy contact for outsiders across the web. My work can be viewed and shared which is exiting. Now when applying for future jobs and internships I have all the material needed for easy application and to stand out.


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