Untitled-2Untitled-1Untitled-1 (2)sketchpagerooomjackhandbook-1bookalexxx

These are the illustrations I created. As mentioned I created them on a separate layer on photoshop and drew over a selected part of the image I liked with the Wacom tablet and pencil option. Shown in the 1st Image above it shows the sketch above the photograph and then what it looked like without the image. I liked how the sketches came out , some were quite neat and etchy whilst others where more simplistic and linear – similar to the designs on the research. I moved the illustrations onto coloured canvases so they could stand as their own pages. Some of the illustrations I kept plain and in grey just like a sketch ( similar to the work shown by Alexa Chung) but in some of them I thought it could work well with abstract areas of colour. Some images I used the paint bucket tool to fill in an entire section – I quite liked how this came out as the blocking of colours worked nicely against each other. In some I used the pen again but in a different colours to sketch in sections of colour. Overall I really liked how they came out.

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