Paul Davis Illustrator


Paul Davis is a British graphic artist.His illustrations have had a huge impact on the design world and his work has been featured in magazines and newspapers including The New York Times, The Independent, Print, The Guardian, Eye, I.D., Arena, Blueprint, Creative Review and McSweeney’s. Books include What Happens Is Good, Blame Everyone Else, God Knows, Us & Them and Lovely.

He quotes : ‘Design helps and design sells and sometimes can radiate a feeling of enormous well-being. But it needs more drawing and less computer generics. It’s a pollutant and boring.’

What I find interesting with his illustrations is the comical text often written alongside his work features off-cuts of conversations, shards of revealed thoughts he’s picked up along the way.

Again what works well with Davis’ work is the comical sense and familiarity that his sketches give off. I also like some of the simplistic sketches he creates, where the image is literally made up of a couple of etchy lines. Something that I want to create in my own work. Again there is something youthful and childlike with his almost ‘imperfect’ sketches; which could work nice with my theme.

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