Laura Callaghan Illustrator Influence

Laura Callaghan is an Irish based illustrator in South London. She works in water colour, indian ink and isograph pens. Laura’s bold hand drawn imagery reflects her unique take on fashion illustration as she visualizes characters personality and refreshing sense of style throughout her imagery. I like the portrayal of the female characters throughout her work. They’re seen as characters with great power- this is emphasized by the bold bright colours throughout. From looking at this work I got the vibe again of youth. Young girls drawn doing what young girls do, gossiping, drinking, hanging with friends. What I also like is the sketches of isolation drawn as well, its not always doing an activity, sometimes the females are just ‘lounging’ on the sofa- something that we can all personally relate to. I want to create this sort of vibe throughout my book, something thats relatable throughout teenagers but also has the vibe of young and colourful. After looking at this work I want to try and aesthetically creates sketches ( again on the wacom tablet within photoshop) that can act on their own as a page. Having a mixture within my book of illustrations and photographs, some interacting with each other but some standing alone.

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