Film Snapshots

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Again as I wanted a raw and natural aspect to my imagery. I was taking snaps on 35mm snapshot camera with flash. I was taking images of the people that I was surrounded by everyday, this made is easier to capture them so they appeared in the book multiple times and they were the target audience I was after anyway, youths. I wanted to mix the imagery with portraits as well as objects to forward the notion of growth and development in this area of life. By taking images of peoples rooms and wardrobe and living spaces they include elements of identity narrative through ‘props’. The idea of Youth culture is represented through social norms, this is like clothing. Clothing is a big part of youth identity, it helps create an individual but still can conform amongst social ‘youth’ norms which hold the idea of a culture. As researched with Adrienne Salinger a teens bedroom is a representative of their developing identity. They choose their own decorations and accessories which is almost extension of their identity. By photographing these objects it can help further the narrative of youth identity. Theres also the representation of ‘messiness’ which is another quality of the young. Some of the portraits catches my subjects in a moment of ‘day-dream’ I quite like this element as it almost freezes a moments of thought, in a changing and developing stage  this almost shows a natural and simplistic shot of just the raw person.

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