Test shoot 1

img026img028img030img031img032img033img034img035img036img037img038img039img040img041img042img043 copyimg045img046img047

In response to researching previous photographers, I decided to take some test shoots on 35mm film. As previously mentioned I wanted the images to be raw and true just documenting everyday life of young adults. For this I just took images wherever and whenever. The images were in peoples houses, objects in their rooms etc. I feel like when creating a book I want a big build up of images that show various moments , some having fun and a laugh and some isolated personal images, showing a contrast to the build of different images. In this shoot I wanted to test out coloured flashes, seeing if it would make the images look more ‘youth-like’ and the effect it would have. I put coloured gels over the flash of the camera but unfortunately this didn’t work out too well in the images so I might experiment with this in photoshop. The negs also came out very dirty, in one aspect I like the dirtiness of the images as they seem more raw and gritty, but in another I would prefer the images to be cleaner.

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