Untitled visuals 1999 reference

Untitled Visuals 1999 is a short video I found on vimeo when looking at visual references to make my video more effective. It shows different clips of unusual activity and close ups merged together to fast upbeat music. I feel the theme of this is very psychedelic and like trance.

Ignoring the concept behind the video as I couldn’t find much on it I wanted to use this clip as a reference to it’s aesthetics, how the clips were organized amongst each other and how they were put together. When watching it as the clips are unusual I felt intrigued but a bit confused as what was happening which although my video is at a slower pace I want to bring across in my own work. The fast moment in between clips and flickering between them is visually interesting, I want to include this movement in my work.

The fast pace of changing colour creates the whole video to be hypnotizing and intriguing, again these are all elements that I want to bring forward as with the theme of dreams and faded memories it can tie together by creating a hypnotizing feel .

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