UMBRA Viviane Sassen reference

The video above shows Viviane Sassen’s installation piece ‘UMBRA’ shown at Nederlands Fotomuseum Rotterdam. Sassen created a photographic project made from a series of work that focus’ on the play of light and shadow. Sassen portrays anxiety, desires, imagination and illusion to intrigue and stimulate the spectator.

Viviane Sassen is a fashion and autonomous photographer. The images included in this installation show effusive colours playing a role equal in significance to that of the deep shadows that occasionally give mysterious contours to existing forms.She makes use of video projections and mirrors to generate effects similar to those in her photos.

What interests me to Sassen’s work is her photographs used as multimedia installation. In this her play with realism and abstraction, which confuses all perception and leaves meanings open, is very open.

As shown in the video above you can see images that slowly scroll past next to a mirror which creates the illusion of work revealing its self from the middle – depending on the angle you view it at. The slow movement of revealing whats next creates quite a mystical feel thats intriguing. From my preliminary video I created the sense of slow movement where again the images scroll through the screen right to left. The sizing of her work is very subversive when looking at them , you are so intrigued in catching an image and reading it before the next one comes on, this is what I want to create from my work . By seeing different images slowly move across, for me ,it creates a dreamlike experience where you want to take all of the image in. The tempo is something that I think reinforces this sense of realism and the fluidity of it, which again is something I want to take into consideration with my own work. The projection on this scale is also something I would be interested in seeing my own work on.

By creating panoramic images I feel like my work will have the same fluidity of Sassen’s work but I want the images to all be like one so there is a narrative. The installation and creation of how she presented her work is what interests me the most here but by having images that join together rather than seeing the separation I want connections to be made within the piece, almost like a forced narrative.

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