New Stills


From making the preliminary video, I felt that the panoramic images I created weren’t working as well. You could see some of the connecting lines and I felt that it would work better if you didn’t see them and it almost flowed like one interconnecting picture. I decided to re create them but intertwine more of the elements together inside and around each other more rather than side by side. By adding smaller elements inside them it  creates a more compelling image with a narrative inside it. I think it makes it more interesting as you have to look deeper inside; at a first glance you might not notice but the more you look elements start coming together. The images also looked a lot better together and more uniform. I feel like when creating a video now as you don’t see the lines making it obvious they are individuals it makes it more of a dream sequence.

In photoshop when layering the images together I started experimenting with different opacities, I used the ‘difference’ layer with some images; this created more colours surrounding the images and emphasized where the images where destructed.

I prefer this set of images so much more as they look so colourful and vibrant which is eye catching but also sets a more psychedelic atmosphere which branches of the idea of subconscious and dreams. I think these set of Images work better in portraying the concept of fragmented memories that surface from the subconscious to our dreams through the imagery. I also changed the panoramic images to not having as many photographs side by side this was that  when scrolling in the video it would allow the viewer to take in more.

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