Pipilrotti Rist Influence

Pipilrotti Rist is a video artist who creates very subversive installations of her videos. Her installation pieces transforms spaces into stimulating magical places. Rist draws inner and outer worlds of kaleidoscopic colourful wonders. She includes so many factors from; paintings, technology,music, flowing pictures etc. Her experimental work with sound and moving image questions the role of media culture, it brings viewers into unexpected, all consuming encounters with the textures. The context of her video presents us with a different take on reality aiming at the alternative development of the mind and senses.

Rist is interested in the kind of irritating visual material disseminated by the media and the way it is presented via television , on monitors or as a projection.She unpicks how the media and media formats are able to affect our unconscious dreams and desires.

What interests me the most about her work is how she transforms architectural spaces into massive dreamlike environments enhanced by hypnotic musical surroundings. This is exactly what my idea of creating a video will produce especially with the sounds associated with it. Her work reveals connections between the development of Rist’s art and the evolution of contemporary technologies. Rist maintains a deep sense of curiosity that pervades her explorations of physical and psychological experiences.

Mercy Garden (2004) shown below

Is projected on to two sides of a wall. Here she looks at the interaction between nature and our environment. Slow motion close ups play out in a mirrored effect. The Images are filtered and layered, set to a soundtrack of banjo folk music. This invites visual and tactical wonder and engages all of the senses. The all round atmosphere exerted from this installation is exactly what I want to create in the video and the installation of my own work. Like a dream world that you enter and can interact with. The use of large projections makes it over whelming.

In ‘Sleeping Pollen 2014’ (shown above) her films are projected through seven mirrored spheres suspended from the ceiling, this creates moving projections all around the space. I love here how interactive this installation is very similar to her others they all create a subversive and interesting surrounded where it’s like you’ve stepped in to another universe. Visitors are invited to move in and around the projections and also become a part of them. This is something I want to consider when installing my video, I know at the moment I want it projected at a large scale but something that would make it interactive where you could walk into it I think would create a very dreamlike situation. Here this set up reflects the artists continuing desire to create a close relationship with the work and viewer. Another aspect of her work that I want to create is the environments, she sets them up in response tot he mood of relaxation and meditation. The floors are carpeted and sometimes with pillows. She creates an environment where her viewers are encouraged to recline, inviting them to contemplate. The use of fabrics and creating a beautiful floor space makes the whole situation very calming and dreamy which is something I am very keen to take forward. Even her video stills are influential in the creation of my work (seen below)

The still images again are so hypnotic with colour it seems like a transe when looking at them. This is something I’ve created by layering the images together; where each layer has a difference colour when layering this alters them crating brighter and bolder splurges of colour.

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