Dream Diary

Whilst creating the concept of exploring dreams and how they come from the subconscious memories I wanted to create a deeper understanding and explore what dreams consist off. How they can manipulate memories and create new stories. I thought it would be good to keep a dream diary of my own dreams so that when looking back at them I can add elements that appear in my own dreams in my visual work. When waking up I would write down parts of the dreams I had the previous  night. It really helped me understand dreams and how to help portray them in my video. A lot of the time I would remember parts then it would seem blurred and i would forget what happened but then remember something else happening. The use of fades and flashes in the video really would help to elaborate this factor of blank memory.

These are some example of what i wrote that I could remember ;

‘… I’m with my grandad in Devon walking his dog across the fields. You can see the water in the distance with rocks, no one else is around. I remember it feeling really windy whilst walking along to the point I couldn’t hear anything being said around me just the loud crashing wind. [I don’t remember from this point, something may of happened but it jumps to next situation] The next thing I remember is then being back at my grandad’s house but with all the family, it’s suddenly a busy environment.I’m with my cousin Lauren and I don’t remember what were saying but we’re talking and laughing a lot. We go to the shed at the end of the garden that we’ve converted and it’s all decorated with pink neon lights and throws etc its really bright and weird as I’ve never seen it like that in person. The mood the changes and we’re doing a ouiji board, I again can’t remember much but its now dark and brown…’

‘..I’m back in my first flat that I lived at in Thornton Heath, however instead of living at flat 3 which we did I was walking in between all the other flats in the building across the floors. In this dream I lived on the top floor by myself. I’m in my room and my dad comes in and starts having a go at me, we start having a huge argument and the hits me on the head with a hoover pole after this I was then back in another flat. I’m in the middle of moving in with Alex who also lives in the same building for some reason, but then we’re in the middle of the country..’

‘I’m sitting on a train with my mates, but I remember them not looking like they usually do but I still recognize them as being my friends. The train is in the middle of nowhere going through fields. The inspector comes on and the text thing we’re running through the train and then on top of it, it suddenly turned like a movie…’


Throughout these few examples I noticed a pattern that there was always a sense of familiarity even though things were manipulated and changed like my situations or people. I personally didn’t dream about anything that I hadn’t recognised before. There was also a lot of blanks when I had to recall the events. All these elements are now factors which I can try and portray in the video. I also found that I dreamed about people closest to me a lot more like Alex and situations like the country or old houses which I had deliberately tried to put in my visual work previous.

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