Dream Booklet



Link to PDF file: book

After creating the panoramic images and creating a video I felt a strong sense of a narrative throughout my work, although it is there for interpretation and open for viewers it’s quite similar to Taylor-Johnson’s work where  by connecting the elements inside one image you try and find connections to an inside narrative. The concept of dreams and memories almost seems like a story itself even though I created a video I thought it would work well to have a book almost by its side. This idea came about when writing a dream journal, I thought it would work well with imagery and words. Also when handing in my final video I thought by handing in a leaflet/book alongside a CD it would all work together stronger.

I placed the long panoramic images across two pages and separated them, this was so the images would continue from one page and flow over to the other. When presenting the project I plan to place a CD in the front of the book. I had the initial idea of printing this editorial in the way of a CD front cover and putting it in the front slide, however it might look nicer being in the format of a book and having the disk on the front accompanying each other.

After writing the ‘dream journal’ I thought it would work nicely in writing some extracts from the dreams underneath the images, this then furthers the concept of the images being related to them. I tried to match up as best as I could some lines with imagery. Luckily this wasn’t so hard as a lot of the images where related to my own dreams and things I have done. I just took a sentence even if it was in the middle to place underneath.

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