After researching dreams and the idea of memories and the subconscious. I found some old negatives from my childhood. Childhood plays a part in memory construction and sometimes the memories are forgotten but can surface again in dreams. I feel like these images can work well in building up a series of photographs based on the subconscious thoughts and dreams and when they come together with other photographs can be very dreamlike. For this destruction I covered the negatives with lighter fluid and set them alight, I let them burn for a bit so that the images were hard to make out again like previously making them seem like a faded dreamlike memory.

When exposing them in the colour darkroom I exposed them at 15 seconds as they were quite light and had the colour balance set at: cyan 0 magenta 60 and yellow 50 this seemed to work for all of them even though some of the images were more discoloured than others but this was die to the burning. This was how the prints came out.


Burning the images seemed to come out really well. Some of the images were more destructed than others but they all looked very aged and aren’t very contrasted, this I feel works really well with my theme. As the idea is that they are meant to seem like a faint memory, all aspects of the image being unclean works, the slightly off colour balance , the speckles covering the photos, splurges of colour. I feel like these images have developed well from the first experiments. When more images are build up together I feel these could work nicely displayed in a video. With these images as they have a faint surreal dream feeling to them they could also work being screen printed on the netting material like before, this is something I want to look at doing next with this set.

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