With my project being based on memory and dreams and how they are formed, I started taking photographs of everyday life including events and imagery that may not seem important at the time but can submerge later in dreams. This included strangers seen in the street, events with friends ,different shops etc , literally anything and everything can then later come back up in the conscious mind. When going to the circus I found the colours and the acts so surreal. I felt like the imagery from this and to then being destroyed would look really interesting. The type of acts that are shown are out of the ordinary anyway and with the colours being so vast and bright already the scene seemed mystical.

Below are some of the images printed before I manipulated the negatives. I found the right exposure and colour balance before hand which made it easier when printing.

exposure was set to : 14 seconds

and the cyan: 0 magenta: 60 yellow: 60



As the burning of the images went really well I burned these negatives again but also put hair dye and bleach on the top as well to see if it would create more clouded images.



Messing around slightly with the colour balance I changed it so they were purposely discolored in some so they had more magenta or yellow. The subject of circus acts really worked well with this being surreal and all the colours involved work well interacting with each other. They already seem like scenes you would dream about. As stated before when I build up a bigger sequence of images I want to try and put them together almost like a video of dreams and memories.

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