After my first experimentation on destroying the film I decided to take photographs where the images where busier and included more colour and subject matter, this was so that destructing them the images would create a more interesting piece. I wanted them to look like you can see whats happening in the background but cant fully understand what the photos is off. I wanted the aesthetics to be mystical with a contrast between black and colour. Above is a scan of the negatives after this again I sprayed a mix of house hold cleaners on the negatives seeing if they would make a difference compared to the first test with these images. I left the liquids on the negatives for 24 hours over night.


These were the prints of the images after 24 hours. Again I was a bit disappointed in how the images came out, It didn’t seem like the bleaching had worked on the photos. I felt like the base images where quite cool with the mix of colours and I didn’t really want the photos to make sense of what they are. They almost look dreamlike which evaluating I think works well with the aesthetics of being destroyed and smeared and looking messy.

I exposed the images for 12 seconds with the colour balance being 0 cyan 60 magenta 60 yellow, this seemed to work a lot better when printing as the colours seemed fine. The photos were a bit dark but when exposed for 10 seconds came out quite flat and under exposed, however this brought out more scratches in the film and shows the impurities more which worked better. I would like it more if the images were more destructed as I don’t think it worked that well for the theme. From this experiment though it made me think more about the subject in my images and that I wanted to go down the line of creating a dream sequence of images linked with memory.


When printing I started to experiment with double exposure to the paper. I got two negatives that I thought would work well together and exposed both of them for 6 seconds on the same bit of paper. This created an image that I wasn’t too sure what was happening but could see bits here and there in the photo which was my plan in the first place. Above shows some experimentation on that and how they came out.


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