As stated in my initial ideas I wanted to look at destroying negatives by putting bleach, burning them etc. I did say that I wanted to do this on plain developed film to create patterns without images. The images above shows where I’ve put bleach and vinegar and nail polish remover on. I found that with these there wasn’t much to look at as they didn’t create as much of an image as I thought it was more like a coloured splurge here and there. From this I thought maybe with an image underlying the bleach and vinegar would would work better actually manipulating an image and creates more to look at.img002-copyimg001-copyimg004-copyimg005-copy

These images show where I’ve taken random images around, to give a base to the image then again put bleach, vinegar and nail polish remover on. I choose these to put on the negatives as I thought they would corrode the image. I found when printing the images they came out better than the images without a photograph behind them but still wasn’t creating the mystical effect I wanted.

I found the process to this really fun as I hadn’t used the colour dark room to print photos before on this test I wasn’t that great in correcting the colour balance, however I feel that it could of worked with the colour balance being off and I wanted the images to be ambiguous and colourful anyway.

Similarly to my experiments with the photograms where I overlaid some of the different colours together I thought I would do the same here, mixing together the colours from the first images and the atmosphere from the others.


I liked the colours that had come out in the photos where I had destroyed them without an image on the negatives but I liked the atmosphere the images gave with a picture. I feel when I do this again the images would work a lot better if the base image was colourful and had more subject matter to it. After laying them together in photoshop I feel they created really cool pieces. To do this again I would take colourful base photos and destroy the images a bit more to see what this creates.

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