Under the section time we were looking at creating short videos, practicing and experimenting with different angles and videoing techniques.

Before taking the video clips in groups we created a storyboard telling a narrative of what we wanted to create. This story board shows different shot angles and what happens throughout so when shooting and editing we knew how to construct it more fluently.


The idea behind our clips was to show a girl alone getting ready almost like a personal look like a diary of events. It was mainly to test different experimental videoing techniques.

We used a canon mark ||| with an ISO of 160 and shutter speed of 180. We wanted to use clips that were quite slow in motion and quite a close crop all put together. With the idea of the video having a slow feel we used purpose lens blur throughout the clips creating a calm and dreamy effect which we also felt went well with the music choice.



These were some of the unedited clips. However we found that in some of our videos we videoed portraits which after found out should of been in landscape so next time would work better all landscape.

Final video


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