In this silk screening workshop we were screen printing a photograph onto paper, experimenting with different coloured ink then creating a collage with our image and heat pressing them onto fabric. In setting up the boards we had to:

  1. Coat the screen with photo sensitive emulsion.
  2. Then we had to place a transparency of a chosen image onto the screen right side down. the screen was put into an exposure unit to expose the emulsion.
  3. The image is then taken off and the screen is rinsed off and dried.
  4. When the board is then dry we placed the board on top of paper, as that was what we were printing on, put ink spread it across the top of the board and used a squeegee to pull the ink across the screen. this then printed the image on to the paper.

The image I had chosen was a singular flower. This was the layout of the image n the board and the first image I had created with purple ink.



From this image I started mixing in different colours seeing how well they would blend and create colourful pieces.


From previously creating photograms and creating vibrant colourful pieces I was interested in taking that forward in this experimental work. The mix of colours worked well within this type of work and it created a bolder image with more substance.

From creating a few different images I then collaged them together creating two different pieces of work.collage01design1

I based the flower still in the middles of the pieces to look like it was unfolding throughout and you could still vaguely make out what the object was however with the different colours chopped and stuck together the main focus in the image is the diversity of colour ,when your eyes adjust you then see its a flower. In the first image I added blotches of the ink watered down a bit like water colour around the joints of the image and round the outside to fade in this was just to see what it could look like with a mixed media on top, I found it worked really well and looked again dreamy and worked well with the flower themed image.

From these collages we then heat pressed the paper on top of thin fabric.


When printed it made the image more vibrant and softer. Again like the photograms this created an image where you cant see what’s going on but aesthetically the colours draw you in.


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