In this workshop we looked at creating photograms outside, this was opposed to creating them in the colour darkroom. By exposing the paper outside it was in the style of how photograms where first created.

We had black and white light sensitive paper and went outside to experiment with different materials in which we could cover the paper with and the expose to sunlight for a few minutes. In my images where the materials I used outside like grass and leaves etc. where dewy it created a pink tint on the paper from moisture. This created a nice effect to the images I found and started to add water on to the images myself.

With the first images I would just place objects on top of the paper leave them for 5 minutes then take them off, After the first image I started to put different densities of materials on then throughout the development moving them and taking some off and also adding. This created a fuller image with some strong contrasts and some weaker of colour.

These are the 3 images that were initially created.



Where the paper was monochrome it creates a grey and purple hue on the images and with the added water there were patches on pink included. After exposing the paper, the colours started getting darker and less contrasted.

The way the images looked almost seemed ambiguous to me where it was hard to distinguish what they were of, I wanted to create this image but with more colour included. I then scanned them in and edited the hue and colour balance to see how a more vibrant coloured would look.


The way these edits came out looked quite dreamlike and surreal, I enjoyed this effect and want to take the idea of creating quite mystical ambiguous images further.


From the Edited photograms I decided to experiment within photoshop and layer some of the edits together, seeing what they created. Where the images were different colours when brought together they all blended in and created a new surreal image of colour and pattern. I loved how these came out and the aesthetics of colour blending to create a mystical feel is something  I want to explore more and experiment with.



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