We’re always surrounded by textiles, they can be seen as a way of telling stories. The different ways we will be looking at printing on fabrics are;

  • silkscreen printing
  • Cyanotype (always blue prints, fabric is treated like paper,cant repeat)
  • Liquid light

Mana Morimoto uses found imagery to embroid over the top creating a new images. Some of her images include monochromatic images which she uses vibrant thread the stitch over the top patterns and lines. Morimoto started using the stitching as a way of therapy she found it therapeutic creating hands on art. These are a few examples of her work.

Other artists such as Laima Orzekauskiene also look at embroidery on images. She created a cycle of 8 images of portraits of women, who were her childhood friends, in their fifties then embroided all over the photos ,over their faces and clothing.She created very harmonious and spiritual images of these women seeing them as sacred. She would stitch accessories on to them creating characteristics.

After looking at these examples we were presented with found imagery like postcards and were given some time to create our own pieces within embroidery on fabric.


I choose this monochrome postcard. I liked the examples of using the colour thread over the black and white to create a vibrant contrast I also liked the aesthetic of the linear pattern. Taking these all forward I enjoyed the image I created.



To create a liquid light print you can print on any fabric or material. In this workshop we just used different densities of paper.We used fotospeed LE30 liquid emulsion to cover the paper before exposing the image to it, this we brushed on with a paint brush and is the liquid you can use on any type of material.

Firstly we coated the paper with the emulsion then laid to dry. After setting up the enlarger with our negatives we then exposed the image onto the paper with the emulsion on it like normally exposing an image. We then had pre-made set and fix trays.

We put the image into the set and then fix to fix the image on to the paper then in water to soak. Where we applied the liquid light on to the paper the images came out very streaky from the brush strokes and I think this effect really looked nice, The contrast on the black and white images as also quite faint and I think these together made the overall image very antique. To get a stronger image you can coat the emulsion on in a few layers.


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