moodboard of initial ideas:




After experimenting with different mediums within surface, I wanted to take forward the surface aspect within beyond photography.

After looking at the colour photo grams I was really interested in creating bright dreamlike images, messing around with the surface and colours. I looked at the work by James Welling who creates photograms mixing 6 piece and 12 piece colours in the darkroom. Also the work by Walead Beshty who also creates bright colourful images. Beshty took film through an x-ray machine in the airport, the rays then effected the film which when developed showed rays of colour. This then led me to want to experiment with the destruction of film, my initial idea was to destroy film by burning, putting bleach, vinegar and house hold cleaning objects and also mouldy food to create patterns on the film, I thought when developed would create very ambigous patterns that would be interested to look at, destoying the surface to then later experiment within the colour dark room.

My first thought was to not include images on the film and just create the patterns, however after looking at the work by Alison Scarpulla , she used images of people and landscapes then used mouldy food on top of the negatives to create a surreal atmosphere around them bringing in spurs of colour and texture. This was also something I enjoyed and wanted to experiment with further, just focusing on the aesthetical component so far.

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