Shoot 2

From making my mock zine I decided I wanted to create passport photos as an added humour to the idea of identification of characterisation. Passport photos are used as a form of identification so I thought it would work well with the concept of identity, artist Tomoko Sawada took passport photos of herself in photo booths using makeup and costume changing her identity looking at altering identity and appearance but not personality, she was an influence towards this idea to include in my work.

I took the passport photos in the studio with a beauty dish flash placed right Infront of the model to create a harsh light on her face similar to how a passport photo looks, I feel it almost makes the images again look raw and natural and I had the model plain faced and not posed making it more life like, I did think about having the model do a pose for each character to portray the character more but I felt it would look to cliche so I wanted them as natural almost like they are real characters, if I was to do it again I would test out different posing creating a identity.

As I needed to take the photos face on it was hard to have the flash in front of the model as well as myself stand in front, so I had the flash slightly to the left which created a shadow on the white background originally I didn’t want this but when looking at the photos I didn’t mind them and actually quite liked it however if I was to do this again I would try not to have the shadows by possible using two lights.

For the singular image I choose from the contact sheets I decreased the saturation so the colours weren’t as harsh this was as I felt in passport photos the colours aren’t as bold they seem desaturated. I then multiplied that same image 4 times.

I tried to choose all 3 images from the different characters to look the same having the same crop to just shoulders and minimal chest.

I really liked how this actually came out and feel it will work well put together with the characters in my zine.


ContactSheet-0041 2ContactSheet-0041abi-505Untitled-3

ContactSheet-0051 2ContactSheet-0051IMG_1196Untitled-4

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