Test Shoot 3

Third Identity – Drag



With this Identity I wanted to create a drag. Again I took forward certain characteristics such as extreme makeup like contour and eyeshadow also a wig and quite fierce clothing and jewellery.

As the other two photos were set outside I didn’t feel this one would work well in natural lighting and as I wanted the images of the characters to look natural so it  bought by taking them in a bedroom it would look quite gritty and raw to them personally, again similarly to my first identity project. However I found where i wanted the images quite dark but was still working off natural and artificial lighting around the lighting game out very grainy with made the photos not have the same clarity as the other 2 personas, If shot again I would choose a  better location with better lighting so The images looked sharper. How ever after reassessing them I feel the grainy ness and with them not as sharp it works well with the identity of this persona as it almost creates quite a grungy feel which I like. I also quite like the warm orange atmosphere form the tungsten lighting. They again add to the image making them  more natural to that character in a natural surrounding.

These are the final images I chose from my contact sheets.


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