Test shoot 2

Second Identity



Here I wanted to create quite a chavy character there wasn’t a specific character I wanted to create her it was more of generalisations. I wanted to create a persona of someone on a typical english holiday, By using certain generalisations such as patchy fake tan and neon colours the persona is open for interpretations by the public, as long as the idea of creating different identities was apparent. With this character to maximise the difference between the first one I included a brown wig which I think worked well with this character looking natural. I also changed the makeup completely to change the face.

Again keeping them quite natural I took close up portraits also linking them to my previous work. On my previous character I noted how the background wasn’t an importance and I didn’t want the images to posey or cliche, However I found with this shoot the character was easier for the model to get into and some poses she unintentionally pulled worked really well in portraying the character and making it different to the first one. The background of blue sky also worked really well in connection to the brightness of colour in the outfit and made a really vibrant image that I liked so in some I got more of the background and outfit included, I feel with this shoot it worked well to do so rather than the other one.

These are the final images I choose from the contact sheets



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