Test Shoot 1

Style1: Here I created the style of a pin up girl/50’s styling.



When creating these identities I wanted to create 3 different characters from influences around me I came up with 3 personas; 50’s styling pin up girl, drag queen and A chav. I choose these characters as they are purely visual, there are characteristics that people stereotype when looking at them which I wanted to make them seem different but they are all purely aesthetically with adds to the creation of characterisation is down to the audience to create a character from them based on appearance.

I didn’t want my images to posey or cliche to the characters I wanted the background quite basic and everyday, showing that these different characters could be real in real life setting sand this is how they would dress rather than creating a background to match the personas, I want them quite simple. Here I choose outside as i liked the lighting it was very natural and raw, I didn’t want to do any studio shoots I just wanted them to look like everyday placements.

As the background wasn’t too much of an importance with this test shoot I did close up shots as I wanted the face and makeup to be the main focus. Taking influence from artists such as Samuel Fosso I created the characters simply from outfits saying and makeup. For the pin up costume I used iconic features such as red lips ,winged eyeliner, polka dots and hair pinned these are stereo typical features you would think of when describing this character, this way it helps create he character to viewers.

To keep a connection to my previous work where I portrayed public identity I had my models dress the way they would dress in public by choice, these  were also close portraits. By keeping this the same and looking natural I wanted to not be questionable as the ‘dress-up’ of this character

I took the photos digitally on canon    with IOS on 200 and shutter speed 1/125.

On my contact sheet I prefer the Photos that are close cropped to the face and outside, the pose on the model is quite natural and with the natural lighting it makes the images seem more sharper and dynamic. I like how the images are simplistic as well.

These are the 4 final images I liked the most out of this shoot


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