for each persona I went to charity shops to find stereotypical outfits and accessories to fit their identities. For the pin up girl I went for stereo typical black and red polka dots with a scarf hair tie and chunky jewellery, as stated the make up will have big eyeliner flicks red lips and dark thin eyebrows, stereotypical traits to help create an identity people can place characteristics to.

For the drag persona I want to go over the top with makeup in the style drags do, I choose quite grungy clothing to look ‘fierce’ with choker necklace.

For the ‘chav’ identity I choose quite lary neon colours, I want to change the hair colour throughout to create more of a difference in appearance between. with the makeup I want to have orange dark streaky fake tan with thick eyebrows again traits you would automatically assume with this character.

Below is images of someone of the clothing I choose with accessories for each identity



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