Location Plan

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 14.51.21

When reassessing my location, I wanted to test out Rochester cathedral again as development from my previous test shoot. As developed through my project I started testing different lighting techniques and exploring light around me. I also looked into different coloured lights, spurred from stained glass windows, and how this forms a relationship between light making you feel uplifted and positive as light is seen as good and how different colours also have an influence on how you feel.

I choose the cathedral as I wanted to see in the sunlight if the colours from the stained glass would shine through and the effect they would have. Light being seen metaphorically originated from the bible and my whole project has a very religious feel to it. As previously noted I also found the architecture and the detail in the cathedral very beautiful. I wanted to test in comparison how these images would look portraying my concept rather than the previous images taken in everyday places rather than the church.

In a previous test shoot where I started to close up on light I found the details in the wall, even though they were minimal, added an element to my image which I liked. I’m hoping the details in the building of the church will play apart when focusing on the light.

Again as testing with I’m going to use the hasseblad with a 55-110mm lens varying from close up images of light to also further bigger images.

The image above from The photographers Emphasis shows me when the sun is going to rise and what direction it will be travelling in. I used this tool to optimise what time of day will have to best sunlight shining through the windows to be best for my images. Between the times of 1-3 on Friday the sun will be the best for me travelling through the East with is where the windows are directed.

Below is a sketched plan of angles I plan to include. I sketched up Rochester Cathedral main hall layout from my previous shoot, The coloured light included in the drawing is what I hope to reproduce from the light from the windows.

As I wanted to combine what I have explored so far ;from my original test shoot, to looking at coloured light and artists such as Uta Barth and Peter Marlow I also created a mind map combining the ideas together to visually represent what i want to produce.

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